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CADPAC series is a CAD system with the big number of users and big influence in the manufacturing CAD market in Japan. Since its launch in 1983, the accumulation shipment number has exceeded 300 thousand over 30 years, and it has become the best seller among the manufacturing CAD.


This is a 2-dimensional general manufacturing CAD. In Japan, it is always evaluated as the highest degree of user satisfaction. The advanced 2-dimensional drafting functions according to user's skill are offered from a beginner to a heavy user. Specialized options are also prepared abundantly.


   Interrupt-Free Commands (event-driven type commands)
All command operations of CADPAC have the event-driven structures which receive two or more input operations simultaneously. Owing to them, various functions can be realized with only a few commands and, moreover, by brief operation.
For example, a numerical input and a figure element specification are able to input at anytime, that makes operational freedom extremely better than former input method limited to one side. Users can select aimed input without considering order, thus various functions can be realized with combination of input methods A exclusive small window (CSB= command sub box) will open for every command, and the command can be freely operated from a mouse or a keyboard in it. CSB is a panel which condenses various commands not only selecting function, or numerical input but also preservation of the past operating values, measurement function of the figure on the screen, and so on. It is a convenient user-intereface, providing super-various functions and brief operations, and enabling users to master operation in a short-period.

   The Fast Comprehensive Response
The biggest factor which influences the degree of satisfaction of CAD should be response. Not to mention display speed, a response is effective throughout all processing, such as input and output of files, detection of elements, and correction or change. CADPAC is excellent in the response of not only a display but all processing, and enables a comfortable designing.

   Abundant Specialized Functions
CADPAC offers specialized functions as options which are specialized for various type of industry such as manufacturing and others. Users can perform correct and exact design by these specialized functions in a short time without troublesome procedures from the point of CAD introduction.