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CADPAC series is a CAD system with the big number of users and big influence in the manufacturing CAD market in Japan . Since its launch in 1983, the accumulation shipment number has exceeded 200 thousand over 30 years , and it has become the best seller among the manufacturing CAD.

ZU-KAN-O is a contents database system for carrying out unitary management of various information and documents (contents) which are needed in all organizations, such as companies, schools, and government offices, transcending the difference in the data format.
All data would be accumulated at the database in our original data format (XCDF) as well as the original data, and they are accessible at will from both LAN/WEB environment. Moreover, XCDF data can to be displayed, retrieved, edited, and printed out from a client PC without running the application with which the original data was made..

Currently our products are only Japanese Editions available in Japan

Jun 2017 CADPAC CRETOR 2D Ver.19.0 & CADPAC CRETOR 3D Ver.14.0 released (Japanese Edition)

Aug 2017 CADPAC-3D FEC Ver.14.0 released (Japanese Edition)

Dec 2016 ZU-KAN-O Standard Ver.7.0 released (Japanese Edition)