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CADPAC-CREATOR 3D enable direct input of almost all the data of commercia 3-dimensional CAD. The free modeling technique which makes intuitive editing of the read data possible is used even if they do not have features . Moreover, it has the modeling which directly loads 2-dimensional data and utilize them as sketch . This is set with CADPAC-CREATOR 2D.

[3 Dimensional Feature]

  Free Molding, New Free-style 3-Dimensional CAD
CADPAC-CREATOR 3D is a non-history type 3-dimensional CAD (non history & pure geometry) , and direct edit of a model is possible irrespective of its history or restraint . Free modeling and free modification are always possible, without using restricted conditions.
Regardless of an operation history, direct modification of a model is possible.
The model created by other 3-dimensional CAD can also be changed freely.
The hole of the model created by high-end 3D CAD, a boss's elimination, movement, and modification are possible . Correction of filet is also possible.
Wire / Surface / Solid full fusion type "Line", "Field", and "Solid" are processed by mixture in 3-dimensional space . The object for a design is indicated in the optimal form according to the purpose . 3-dimensional design is realized far more efficiently than the conventional system which makes all solid.

  2-Dimensional and 3-Dimension Full Fusion Design
Since CADPAC-CREATOR 3D can use 2-dimensional properties in hand effectively to the maximum , the 3-dimensionalCAD beginner can acquire its skill in short-time . It reads drawings written by various kinds of 2-dimensional CAD , and arranges them in solid to 3-dimensional space. From that , solid models are quickly created t by intuitive and easy operation.
3-dimensional design in 3-dimensional space
Within 3-dimensional CAD, a 2-dimensional design is possible as it is . Advanced 2-dimensional drawing is possible on the solid surface or a defined plane. And then , a new model can be created and added. It is necessary to return to neither a sketch screen nor 2-dimensional CAD.

  All Direction Compatible Data Exchange Hub
CADPAC-CREATOR 3D can input directly most data of CAD in the market from high-end 3-dimensional CAD data up to main 2-dimensional CAD . It reads and utilizes other venders CAD data.
Compatibility with high-end 3-dimensional CAD data
Reading is directly possible for raw data of CATIA (V5), ProE (Creo), and Nx/UG, Inventor, SolidWorks . Data transformation and output into CATIA(V4) are possible. The read model can be transformed freely . Conversion to 3-dimensional mid-range CAD data and conversion of projection to various 2-dimensional CAD data are also free.

Compatibility with mid-range 3-dimensional CAD data
It Reads various mid-range 3-dimensional CAD data such as ACIS, ParaSolid, STEP, IGES, Stl, etc , and changes into various formats. Conversion to VRML, or HOOPS, 3D pdf and CATIA (V4/V5) data is also possible . The read model can be transformed freely.

Compatibility with 2-dimensional CAD data
Almost all of main 2-dimension CAD formats, such as AutoCAD2013 (DXF, DWG), MicroCADAM, CADSUPER, ME-10 , IGES, SXF, and so on are corresponded . The correction by the powerful 2-dimensional edit function is free for the read 2-dimensional drawings . Based on them, 3-dimensional model creation is also easy.